Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed by software giant Microsoft for creating, testing, organizing, and handling applications and services through data centers managed by the company. Through its ever-developing set of cloud services, managing and deploying application’s on a vast, global network has now become much easier than ever before

Microsoft Azure has as many as 50 regions globally, with upwards of one million servers in more than 140 countries. This makes Microsoft’s cloud platform get to more customers than AWS and Google combined. Customers using Azure in the UK may rest assured that their data is stored in data centers that are ISO 27001, HIPAA and UK G-Cloud compliant. Although large organizations are taking advantage of the reliable cloud platform, smaller businesses and even IT sellers find it difficult to navigate through the sheer size of Azure.

However, it can be broken down into smaller, easier to comprehend portions. You can think of Azure as a pretty large room with many connecting doors, with each door representing a discrete function within Azure. So, it’s up to you whether you want to go through it. Appreciating the fundamentals is your first step to benefiting the immense opportunities represented by Azure.

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