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Top 7 Code Editors And IDEs For PHP Development Of 2017

Wajid Hussain Mar 15, 2017

Love PHP? Or new to PHP? Don’t know where get you hands dirty with PHP? Well! this article is all set up to help out the PHP developers in need. doing PHP programming on PHP IDE is  the best tool for PHP programming that you need to have. There are lots of best IDEs available in market. You can have paid and free IDEs as well, every IDE have its own unique properties making them lovable to use.

If you are starting using PHP programming language as a newbie, don’t panic everything is under control, start doing it on a basic text editor like notepad. Or there are other better options as well like using NetBeans which is so easy to understand and to use that you can easily grasp the idea of dealing with it. Doing PHP programming using IDE is very easy for a PHP developer.

Every IDE is unique with the ability to get used by any level of experienced PHP Developer. An Integrated development environment or best and shortly an IDE is the playground for the developer, and developers love to spend time upfront to select the best IDE to do PHP programming and that best fits all requirements. You must be thinking which one is better for me? The answer do depends on your need and level of experience and what you can afford.

To make your job alot easier I am here to help you out by letting you know the features of best IDEs that are most widely used by PHP Developer all across the world the best IDE for PHP development are:


The first one from the list of best PHP IDE for PHP development is PHPStorm and literally the best one so far. This platform is rich with the most modern set of features. All features that you need to have while doing rapid web development. JetBrains is the real brain behind the development and marketing of this cool platform and other tools for about 15 years. And we developers don’t get enough of using their platforms and tools.

Getting back to PHPStorm, it works well with all frameworks like if you want to work with Symfony, Yii, CakePHP, Zend Framework and other CMS like Magento, Drupal or even WordPress. Other than performing backend tasks, front end is yet another most important thing of any project, PHPStorm has saved us a lot of time and energy. Yes! you are right you can do work on CSS, HTML5, Sass, Typescript, JS, CoffeeScript, Less, Stylus etc using code refactoring, debugging and Unit testing.

This platform using Zend Debugger is easily integratable by databases like sql and composers, vagrant, rest client, remote deployment and  command tools.


NetBeans – the most widely used IDE all around the world and the best PHP IDE for PHP development. This IDE has all the features that are rich, free and that supports multiple languages. PHP Developers are so over this IDE after it was released and one the biggest communities of developers on this open source integrated development environment. Previous NetBeans only supported Java language which was really slow, but now Netbeans works like a jet with almost many languages including PHP frameworks and WordPress CMS.

Aptana Studio

The development IDE that professional developers love to use to do PHP development, and is one of the best IDE for PHP development. When it comes to development, the best one is this IDE that supports SQL and other databases. Not only back-end development you can do front end as well with the support of HTML2, CSS3, JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl, and Python. Testing can also be done. All in one and you are covered! Download this open source IDE that have deployment wizard for RoR.


One of the most widely used IDE is Eclipse. Most of the Developers used this IDE for java and Android development but now, the Eclipse community of developers are working on the plugins for another development language. As a newbie, Eclipse IDE can take some time to work on it as smooth as butter, yes butter! If you already have Eclipse installed on your system all you have to do is download it and install Eclipse package for PHP developers.

Zend Studio

Another most widely used and the best PHP IDE for PHP development is Zend Studio. Zend and targets professional web developers has made this class commercial PHP IDE. Over 40,000 Developers are using Zend Studio for development of PHP websites. It provides the fastest performance, validation while coding and searching the PHP Code, that is why developers love to use it.  Now it is high time for mobile development and Zend Studio is not behind of anything. You can also develop mobile app development on top of existing PHP apps and server backend.

PHP Designer

If you don’t have windows operating system then skip this IDE and the idea to use it. It is also one of the best  IDE for PHP development that PHP developers love to use to develop PHP websites. PHP designer offers the built-in support for PHP.  Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the front end developer, you can also work using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML using this IDE.

Cloud 9 – Best PHP IDE in the Cloud

If you want to use the Cloud 9 IDE to develop the PHP website, start using it using the free version of it. Cloud 9 is the most important and the best IDE to use if you are doing the cloud-based programming environments. For real-time code inspection for PHP, it offers built-in debugger. If you are using the free version then you will have two options, work either in public workshop or in the free private workspace. To use any other feature commercial version of Cloud9 is the option.


After knowing the top best IDE to develop you PHP Websites as a newbie in PHP developer or experienced PHP developer in both cases you can use all these IDEs without any restrictions. These IDEs are not the only ones in market obviously you can find much more that are both free and paid with the features that you want to use. But! selecting one from them is a difficult task. The decision of choosing one depends on your requirements of the website that you are building.

Which one do you use to work on? Mention the name in the comment section below, Cheers!!

Wajid Hussain

Wajid Hussain

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