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How to get more downloads for your Android app – Play store optimization

Rakia Binte Khalid Apr 30, 2019

What is app store optimization?

Android store optimization is the system of enhancing a mobile app’s visibility in an app store. App store optimization (ASO) is a simple but crucial way of influencing application downloads. After you are done making your app which is fully functional, easy to understand, and according to your standards, it has a real place in the market. But remember it’s not going to be a success immediately. Acquisition of users can be a challenge for marketers of apps. The real problem occurs when no one is downloading your app. According to Statista, the total number of apps on Google Play is around 2.6 million as of December 2018. The field is too complex to get users to your app without the help of a few app store optimization tips.

How to optimize your mobile app for Android app stores?  How to improve ASO? What can be done to improve your app downloads?  Are the questions that comes to the mind of people. So, here we are going to share app store optimization strategy and help you with optimizing your mobile applications.


Keep your app free to download

There are many free ways to boost your app downloads; free applications receive much more downloads than paid applications. A free app can help you reach the initial traction swell. This initial push is critical for the acquisition of the first users and the positive reviews are necessary for consistent growth. You can use a handful of app monetization strategies to drive revenue once you’re off to a solid start. For instance, In-app purchases, Subscriptions, Premium features etc.

Optimization of android store

App store optimization (ASO) is the system of enhancing your product page’s visibility and quality within the app store. So, how to optimize your Google Play store app details? One must follow the Google Play app description guidelines before making an app go live. Keep in mind that to be successful requires a sustained effort. While rankings of app store rely on metadata — such as keywords, description, ratings, and reviews — there is more to ASO than that. You also have to consider how each app category ranks keywords and other smart Play Store optimization tips.

Make sure your app is crash-free

Your app should be tested vigorously to enable your developers to identify and resolve any potential bugs before making your app publicly available. There are numerous app store optimization companies that offer a pro-active approach in this regard to avoid any negative reviews.

Collect more reviews

Positive reviews online can make a curious reader a user. Reviews are beneficial in convincing users that your app is useful and reliable enough to download. Moreover, positive reviews help make your app rank high in the Android app store.

App review plugin

It is not always easy to get reviews, though. Rather than hoping for reviews to roll in, use an app review plugin to encourage more reviews.

Influencer marketing is a must

Marketing influencer is all the rage right now. It is not a new thing, but it has become a highly effective marketing tool due to the extensive use and reach of social media.

Social media never gets old

Social media platforms can indeed be effective tools for engaging a new crowd’s attention and helping you build a successful online community.  It is a proven way to build communities and expand brand recognition.

Content Marketing

You can help reach more potential users by creating compelling and relevant content to promote your app. It may be in the form of articles online, sponsored content, videos, or infographics, though it all depends on the consumption habits of your audience.

Use app listing services

App discovery platforms are like an app listing site where you come across tens of thousands of users accessing the website. All you need to do is to be creative in choosing the best service that matches the offerings of your app. It is an incredibly simple, efficient and popular format.

Offer giveaways

Get potential users to market your app for you through a giveaway or contest. You can give away prizes to users that download your app, share your app on social, leave a review or talk about the app in certain circles.

How should I promote my Android app to get more downloads?

Since the majority of users find an app by searching on the Google Play store or iTunes, it’s significant that you rank in the top apps for a specific query.

In order to rank well you need to do App Store Optimization (ASO), and to start with it the right keywords to enhance your app detail page must be found. In addition, you must promote your app on pertinent forums, blogs, tech blogs, which would help improve your app rankings.

How to increase organic mobile app downloads

Compared to keywords and screenshots, developers barely spend sufficient time enhancing their app icon. App screenshots are vital to get organic app downloads because this is what users first see in the search results. It goes without saying that the most crucial asset on iOS are the screenshots. On Google Play, 85% of visitors won’t even see your screenshots; instead, they focus more on the feature graphic and brief description. Also, App ratings and reviews are important because nobody wants to download or subscribe to an app that they do not find useful. All top-grossing apps have great reviews and high ratings.

ASO Tips to Increase Organic Installs

First of all, work on your ASO, which means improve conversion rates and boost organic installs. The more traffic your app store listing has and the higher your conversion rate is, the freer installs you get.

The second most important tip is that you should use the right keywords in the right places. Once you have selected the right keywords, use a mechanism such as TheTool’s ASO tool to evaluate them. Choose the ones that are less difficult and bring more traffic simultaneously, before putting them together in the right places.

Every change must be measured to bring improvement. So, you should run A/B tests to improve metrics. Your key objective should be to rank high and to have an appealing listing in the app store, else the conversion rate of your app or game will not be the ideal.

Don’t focus on one single country. Avoid restricting your application’s scope; go global if you can. After all, you may find a demand for your mobile app or game from the US, France, or maybe Brazil.