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Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants Unite to Make WiFi Connectivity Easier and Better

Arpatech Jul 25, 2019

Technology greats of the Silicon Valley have apparently united to make WiFi connectivity easier and more effective in the future.

It’s reported that the group has come up with the inkling of a new WiFi bandwidth for 6GHz before the Federal Communications Commission.

The new WiFi band, it is thought, will bring new, unfailing connectivity for numerous types of devices including AR/VR headsets, smartphones, laptops, tablets and more.

“As detailed in the slide presentation, we explained that VLP operations in the 6 GHz band operating without Automated Frequency Coordination (“AFC”) at 14 dBm EIRP, or -5 dBm/MHz radiated Power Spectral Density (“PSD”), would present no real-world risk of harmful interference to licensed FS operations,” mentioned the accompanying letter sent to FCC Secretary  Marlene Dortch.

Apple and Google are supporting 6GHz WiFi because they can use it for their smartphones, AR/VR headset, virtual assistant-based car infotainment system, and other devices that can use the same band.

The advent of this new band may improve the use of 5tG connectivity in smartphones, which FCC is yet to confirm.

It’s also stated that this technology could also bring peer-to-peer connectivity between vehicles, which may help avoid crashes between self-driving cars in the future, a project on which Apple seems to be working on.

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