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UTZ coffee beans

UTZ Certified - Better farming, Better future

When you buy UTZ Certified coffee, cocoa or tea you are helping build a better future.

Global-Serve - procurement made easy

Global-Serve - procurement made easy

GlobalServe supports companies with their entire IT asset lifecycle, from initial acquisition to final disposal, an end-to-end solution. GlobalServe, and the power of its OnSource portal solves problems globally - smarter way to dine - Smarter Way to Dine

EatOye enables diners to order food or reserve tables online for free and pay better prices at great restaurants. Join the hundreds of smart diners who dine in style using our service every day.

Certstation - Cyber Security Dashboard

CERTStation - Cyber Security Dashboard

CERTStation’s Cyber Security Dashboard is an IT security intelligence dashboard that provides a snapshot of an organization’s security status, allowing it to make instantaneous and informed decisions to safeguard the security of its systems. We provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Client Voice

“We have been working with Arpatech for quite a while and we are very pleased that they are our partner. One of the things that we realized about Arpatech is that we needed a lot of different strengths, and we needed people that can be creative and fun and really help us take all the information and turn it into something that people can use. We also like working with Arpatech because they have an eye to the end user, with their dashboards and customer interaction.”

Thomas Brust

CEO Wellclub
“What I like about Arpatech is when we come up with this problem that we have to solve, Arpatech will think it through four levels deeper than anyone else. It’s really a dynamic relationship between us, and the speed and precision at which they work is pretty astonishing.”

Phil Kennedy

Product Manager Salus Medical
“Arpatech and Wizard Unlimited are strategic partners since 2003. McJeglar is an innovative European system integrator based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The combined teams delivered several successful projects for major players in the European insurance and financial market. Highly complex e-business projects based on Service Oriented Architecture and leading technologies like IBM Websphere and Oracle.”

Wiard Gorter

COO Wizard Unlimited
“Arpatech is a world-class smart-sourcing organization that provides us with the ability to cost effectively deliver on our technology strategy. They truly play the part of an internal engineering organization for us, intimately knowledgeable in our model. Partnerships such as these make for successful smart-sourcing case studies. We look forward to working with Arpatech over the long term.”

Jay W. Johnson

Founder Ibd Society

Promoting Innovation Accelerating Technology

Research and Development : The Path To Innovation

New product design and development is a crucial factor in the survival of any organization, particularly in a technology company. Research and Development (R&D) is central to Arpatech’s culture and values; we are an innovation company so we must invest in research and the development of new products, processes and services. In an industry that is continuously evolving, and in an environment where customer preferences are constantly changing, firms must continually revise their range of products and technologies. The R&D function at Arpatech is driven by research and marketing, putting the needs of the customer first. Arpatech not only invests in its own R&D program, but also relies on strategic alliances and acquisitions to tap into innovative ideas.