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Shopify vs Bigcommerce – The Promising eCommerce Platform

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 13, 2017
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Bigcommerce and Shopify are both well-recognized software that allows you the best services for selling your products online. Both the services simply run on the web browsers and it means that there is a nonentity to install on your desktop computers or on your laptops. You can easily manage your online store from any location through the internet.

The Idea of The Two Platform

The ideal idea behind the services of the two software is that you can successfully use them for creating an online portal without requiring anything likely the design or code. You simply have to pick a template from a wide range of theme designs provided to you, simply upload your products, mark your product prices and you are finally ready to gain business.

Easy To Use

Shopify provides the facility to add a product so that a user has remarkably detailed fields for entering data for title, description even to link text to different websites or pages, to barcodes, catalog policy application, and image gallery. The standard data fields of Shopify offer the whole thing you require for uploading a product with all precisely.

BigCommerce is being used to designing for a large number of websites for customers all over the UK. It is simply a drag and drop tool and it is considered very ideal for small and medium-sized commercial requirements. The e-commerce platform structures have somehow left behind other service providers. But, at the time of navigating this platform is not that much tough and the features provided by this ecommerce tool are fairly limited. You are able to add colors, cost prices, and sizes, but it is not as obviously showed as it does in Shopify.

Business Support

Shopify provides phone call support and to answer customers’ questions 24/7 and also serves well for online authentication to save the time of the customers, and even a domestic number to call. Ecommerce community of Shopify is also very energetic which means lots of tips are on hand.

BigCommerce also available 24/7 to support their customers on all channels. It means, serving dedicated responses with ideal claims so that most of the issues are resolved on the first call and to response the customers in less than a minute or two.

Professional Technical Support

Shopify has been very devoted to providing the technical support to their online customers successfully. This platform is doing the best in making the transition and getting someone who recognizes how to supply the goods accurately. The expert professionals list their work and try their best to provide satisfaction to the customers.

BigCommerce goes beyond the build partners of Shopify and suggests optimization experts provide the best technical support to the customers. It is serving the best expand the services to the online customers and try their level best to incorporate their technical support whenever they require.

Available Apps & Plugins

Shopify is highly devoted to providing e-commerce apps and plugins required to provide the best services to the customers. About 5,000 apps are already being serving the customers all the way long and more apps are being released every day and presented to the Shopify arena with a lot of choices.

BigCommerce has a very limited quantity of apps available as compared to Shopify. The customers have limited options to select with free and paid plans. It is also serving to categorize into marketing, the point of sale, and product review.

Features & Benefits

Shopify has set an attractive pricing plan for their customers which are reasonable for the startup and new customers. It includes with all the inspiring features along with the availability of a lot of free add-ons apps to offer more e-commerce swag to the customers.

BigCommerce has planned standard package offer including various features with sales points for a year which is added on monthly basis. It provides the apps that add power free of charge in different modes.


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