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Is Your Website Communicating Your Brand? Let’s Find Out!

Aiesha Hasan Jan 13, 2017

The world is becoming a digital jungle, and your website is your biggest business asset in this online universe. With the right strategy, design and content, you can utilize your online space to attract the ideal customers, establish credibility and can convert visitors into buyers and raving fans.

Whether you are looking to garner leads, provide information or interested in selling stuff online; be dead-sure about the actions you want your visitors to take on your website. Once you are clear about it, it’s time to start thinking about what elements and communication channels makes the most sense for your website.

We are going to outline few ways which can tell the visitors your brand story and help the customers to understand what makes your business, products, and services unique:

  • Have a Clear Value Proposition


Be very clear about who your audience is and what you want to communicate with them. Your website has less than 5 seconds to impress and engage a new visitor with it. It’s all about the battle for eyeballs. Make your domain name and the homepage of the website instantly clear about who you are, what you do and what the visitor’s next step would be.

  • Make the Brand Logical


Stay true to the brand. When looking at each element and component of your website, do ask yourself this questions “Does your website looks, feel, sound like your company?”  The design, usability, font, color, language, tone of your site and the content you created will either develop credibility, increase conversions or might invoke a negative perception in your visitor’s mind which can make them leave the site and never return. You simply can’t take that risk. So, be very clear with your communication.

  • On the “About Us” Page


Having the “About Us” page on your website gives a better understanding of your customer whether you are right for them or not. It is also a great opportunity to amuse the customers with your unique story, explaining to them what sets you apart from the other competitors. It can be a brief introduction about your company or a complete timeline of what your company’s achievements have ben this far; but whatever is your brand’s story, make it worth reading.

  • Start the Blog


Since a website has to be engaging and should offer more than just your company’s information, Blogging is one of the best ways and a key tool to attract new visitors to the site. You can establish your feat in your industry by sharing information which your target audience is more likely interested in knowing about. So, provide valuable information through a blog and generate a loyal audience.

  • Add Social Buttons


Enabling social buttons on prominent places on every page will make things super easy and will help to promote your business. People will easily follow through your social profiles and keep themselves updated and connected with your business.

  • Offer Live Chat


Live chat can be extremely effective for getting instant feedback from your audience and converting visitors into buyers and subscribers. Though it’s not suitable for every business, live chat can be a great tool for your website. It’s the effective two-way communication that can be a real game changer.

  • Answer the FAQS


FAQS or Frequently Asked Question page helps your customer in finding the answers to the most common questions they could have regarding your product or services. It not only helps your customers with the little issues that need answering, but it has strong benefits in terms of SEO too. It can be a great opportunity builder for internal linking and reduces the number of questions you received by email.

  • Meta Description


Meta descriptions have seldom to do with the direct visitors but it communicates an important message to someone coming to your website through Search Engines when they are trying to search something specific. Search engines use description on the SERPS, so it is the perfect opportunity to tell people about that particular page of your website before even visiting it.

  • Through Audio, Videos & Photos


A brand can tell their story using photos and videos. Humanize the content on your website through the photos of employees (if permitted) or an engaging video about the product or services that your company is offering.

Videos can be a powerful communication tool. Instead of uploading promotional videos on the site, add some creative videos such as employees talking about why they love working here or the customers talking about the products and services they are receiving.

  • Style, Design & the Layout


The layout of the website can communicate in a way as which part of the website is important to consider. A layout is important for many reasons and among them is, communication. Typically the site is laid out in a way so that the most important content will be given the most important attention.

  • Colors & Logo


A well-designed logo will help in communicating your brand or services with the customers. In terms of branding, a message is being communicated through the logo whether it is professionally designed or some simple text in any website.

Colors are capable of communicating subtle messages to the visitors. Colors scheme are the most critical aspect of any web design, not just because they display how your website looks like but more often they have subtle impacts on the visitors and readers too.


The website is a digital extension of any brand, therefore, you need to understand what exactly your website is communicating to the visitors. Is it doing the right job of telling your brand’s story to the targeted audience? Does it reflect brand’s image, values, and goals?

To get a better idea, as how and what your website is telling visitors about the brand, look at some above few pointers to increase the communication of your brand’s story to your core audience.

Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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