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Top E-commerce Website Builder Options Reviewed For 2019

Rakia Binte Khalid Sep 13, 2019

If you are planning to start a business, want to shift an existing business online or feel like updating your current website. All you need is a website builder which gives your brand a professional-looking website and gives it an online presence.
Everybody wants to save money and so they find ways for it. So instead of spending money on the developers, the investor goes for website builder options. As the ideal e-commerce website builder can let you develop a great online store and work as a platform to handle all your different sales channels and orders.

So, What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a software which gives you access to create, recreate or customize a website online. They offer various customization choices, where you need to look for the one which needs your business requirements. Above all, it doesn’t reside on your local computer rather on a web server. Ecommerce website builders have made website designing a relief. Isn’t it?

Top Ecommerce Website Builders


Listed down are the 10 best e-commerce website builder options reviewed for 2019

1.   Shopify Ecommerce Solution


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce web builders and has become the ultimate choice of some top-notch brands. Although, Shopify is expensive as compared to other builders yet it has catered a huge market. It offers vigorous features which grab the attention of online business executives. With Shopify, you have access to design your website the way you want because it offers hundreds of templates. In addition, you can custom design a theme meeting your own expectations and a level of satisfaction without any prohibitions of HTML and CSS. Apart from that, it also facilitates the creation of apps in handy ways. It consists of a system that can help you monitor customer information. It keeps a record of information on customers, their purchases, giving you the idea of what exactly your customers need. Shopify offers plugins, integrated payments, mobile support and most importantly multiple platforms for online selling. It is like a one-stop-shop for business owners.

2.  Weebly


Weebly is an easy to use website builder. It involves a uniquely designed page builder that enables you to edit your website without having any coding abilities. All the designs available can be edited with its live page editor feature. It has been recently bought by Square who have made efforts to make improvements in this e-commerce platform. Weebly makes sure that they provide value for your money. It is a comprehensively hosted platform, where you don’t need to install or manage any software. They’re going to take care of hosting your website and handling all the software that operates on the backend. Moreover, it uses the standard built-in support for e-commerce. This enables you to readily develop an online store and start selling. Weebly facilitates you with built-in features for sliders, contact forms, galleries and more which allows you to easily add features to your website without the hassle of setup processes. This is the reason why it is rated among the top website builders for beginners.

3.   Wix eCommerce


Wix has made web designing an easy job to do. It does not require any coding for the formation of an ideal website. Wix offers a wide range of rich features for your website design within economical prices. Specifically suited for e-commerce webpages, Wix provides dynamic features like inventory management, cost calculation widgets, social media integration tools, and much more. With highly genius SEO tools, one can get customers by getting featured on search engine results. Also, it has some marketing-oriented features like coupons management and newsletters. Wix can prove to be an ideal web builder for e-commerce owners who gets to operate physical locations. These online store plug-ins necessitate you with all the variety of tools that are needed to ace your business online.
Being superlatively affordable, it is also mobile compatible. What else do you need?

4.   Square Space


Square Space is another website building company which was established back in 2004. It’s a good space for the beginners of web design. Square Space provides a compelling and eye-catching site design to the customers. Giving additional capability to your website, it makes web design super easy where you do not have to encounter any technical or coding problem. It also consists of panels which give you access to put your ideas ideally into motion without bothering about complicated coding. Also, you’re allowed to sell or market anything and get overflowing clients from the beginning- all hail Square Space SEO options which automatically creates SEO options for your web page. Besides offering the value services, it’s affordable than the competitors yet the best platform for e-commerce websites that can take your business to the next level.

5.   Volusion


It’s a leading e-commerce platform in 2019 that helps host your online storefront. If you are willing to start your own store but are anonymous to web hosting and managing website yourself, Volusion has multiple solutions for you. You can get innovative with your own created designs. It is supreme choice for both tech-savvies and traders who are a foreigner to running and operating online businesses. Volusion is mobile friendly and very responsive. The cherry on the top, they do not have any transaction fees currently unless you are taking their monthly plan. It is an excellent solution for individuals who wish to set up a storefront and selling online. Since, it offers facilities like cutting down your responsibilities of hosting your web page, maintaining its update and security, you get the opportunity to focus on other aspects of magnifying your business. Volusion, without any doubt, the best solution for improving focus in all areas of e-commerce.

6.   Big E-Commerce Online Store Builder


Big e-commerce store offers vast variety of e-commerce solutions. Big E-commerce is particularly known for the marketing tools it offers, making it convenient for individuals to promote their web sites. Also, it can develop some remarkable web sites that are comprehensive and offers various visuals that prove to be fascinating for many users. They have a huge number of paid layouts that fills the necessities of all size businesses. Furthermore, it has the various expansible option, you can always add products and services with the help of the control panel to generate new pages and product listings.

Apart from providing a multitude of versatile marketing tools, various integrated payments are supported on BigCommerce sites. They also have a 15 days trial to give you the idea of how it actually works. BigCommerce is quite functional for big as well as small businesses who are looking for a variable e-commerce platform. However, it works best for those who have enough finances because the cost of BigCommerce is high and can get more if you wish to purchase intricate layouts.

7.   Duda


By default, Duda is best for agencies and even hosting businesses, but you can also take online stores to fruition. Its main focus is on white-labeling and reselling web designs, not on creating and developing a website.  In its collection of pre-designed templates, you will explore a variety of materials for different stores. And there is an additional blank layout that provides you the extra freedom you are looking for. In a short span of time, you can be ready and able to go live and begin selling your products. Also, it doesn’t really matter what your eCommerce website is all about, Duda is prepared to work for all types of websites.

As it implies all modern web trends and technology rules, all your web pages will be compatible with mobile devices, cross-browser compatible and incredibly fast to load. All this assures you that Duda is an incredibly versatile and agile web builder with everything you need, to sort out your web presence quickly.

8.   Jimdo


Jimdo is a German-based website builder. In the recent past, it has become one of the world’s leading website builders because of its well thought out features, such as the Jimdo online store. It utilizes the power of AI to offer a highly customized website in just three minutes without the understanding of coding. They enable website development from beginning to end using their iOS and Android apps. It can allow you to optimize your website for search engines (SEO). All the templates available are fully responsive and well-displayed on desktop and mobile devices. Even their free plan is comparatively powerful, offering features such as password protection and a small e-commerce website with up to 5 products.

9.   GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the top-notch hosting companies around, offering their own website builder. Just like Wix, it is simple to navigate and use. It facilitates you with a great number of themes, all of which appear to work with their drag and drop builder. They’re all categorized according to the type of website you want to have. Furthermore, it includes an integrated photo library with professional pictures from Getty Photography that you want to use on your website. You can also upload your own pictures and create an image gallery.

E-commerce is fully supported by many different payment methods, and there is also a useful scheduling feature. GoDaddy provides a one-month free trial, so you can have an idea if this platform meets the needs of your business.

10.   WordPress with WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a different kind of platform compared to the ones we have discussed above. It is a self-hosted plan which gives you complete control on your e-commerce website without any subscription fees. It offers multiple themes with variations for your website that can be customized. Although it is not a drag-and-drop website builder, you can always customize the look and feel of your website. WooCommerce requires WordPress hosting to function. You can get actually started with it for free. but you have to purchase a domain name and set up web hosting.