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Magento Community vs. Enterprise: Which Solution Best For Your Business

Wajid Hussain Feb 13, 2017

If I was a merchant, choosing the best version to develop an eStore according to my business needs, would be a very big headache for me. I wonder if that would be for you or not!

Not to mention this article is all here to help you choosing the best version to go with your business needs. Now, merchants love to build e-commerce store with Magento because of all the features that this platform has.

The choice of Magento is done after the merchant compare Magento versions.

Every platform of Magento have its own rich features whether it is Magento Community features or Magento Enterprise features. Each of the version has its own features according to your needs. At first, the “free version” might seem right but with a thorough study and comparing to the business needs “Premium version” might be the best solution.

The points that can help you choose between Magento go vs community vs enterprise to build an ecommerce store with Magento are provided in this article but first let’s have a look on the current solutions that Magento Support.

Magento Go – If you are a merchant with the small inventory and a very restrictive budget with very basic needs than this version- Magento Go- is best for you and it acts like a Service (SaaS) product.

Magento Community – Magento community features is best for the merchants who like to control the environment more as compared to Magento Go, and for those who are in mid-market and need to leverage extensions. Also, the merchant can customize the code to meet the expectations of their customer.

Magento Enterprise – The target is the top end merchant who wants all the capabilities and the performance should be on top notch.

These are the version that Magento supports, and about this post let’s focus on the two of them and discuss everything about Magento community vs enterprise comparison.


The below table shows the basic Magento community vs enterprise comparison points that will help you decide advantages of Magento Enterprise over advantages of Magento Community. These points are enough to let you decide which specifically is better for your business.



Magento enterprise vs community features was discussed above. Now let us have a look at the levels of support for both of them by comparing Magento versions. The Magento inc. provides full support that will help you as an organization if you have purchased Magento Enterprise.

This support helps you when you need any emergency help or when there is any falling out with the partner and Magento technical support, This is one of the advantages of Magento Enterprise and a  top feature in Magento Enterprise.


Performance Enhancements in Magneto Enterprise

After comparing the  Magento community features and Magento enterprise features, we are talking about the performance of both Magento Versions. Both versions performances change. So only talking about the best version and advantages of Magento Enterprise Version.

  • Magento Enterprise 1.13 provides you the faster eStore with an 80% increase of speed. All because of the reindexing advantage that Magento Enterprise provides.
  • Whenever a new product is added many processes takes place. In Magento community vs enterprise comparison, Magento Community, the free version takes almost 10 -20 minutes to complete process whereas Magento Enterprise the process is instantaneous in most of the cases.
  • If you have a large business then Magento Enterprise is best for you to handle the large product catalogs. Magento enterprise pricing are not to high if you have business with many catalogs.

Final Thoughts

One of the thing that many merchants concern is the pricing, they think that instead of expensive Enterprise, it is more likely to use the Community version but end up with many problems as they lacked in planning according to the business need. Whereas at many times continuing with the Community version is the best option to have with Magento community features.

Robust CMS function for standard pages and giving you more performance is one of the advantages of Magento Enterprise, to make the shopping experience faster for your customers. “Right Now” the expectations of customers that are proved in revealing studies in e-commerce when they shop online. Many of them just leave their carts if it takes too long to load the cart and they start looking their product somewhere else.

Having so many advantages of Magento Enterprise does not mean that the Community version is of no use. You can build your online store with Magento Community version as well as Enterprise, but again costs far outweigh building a strong relationship with Magento. Also, the direct support that Magento Community persons provide to the Magento Enterprise users is not be compared to anything.

Still, you are facing issues to choose the best? Or you are planning to go from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Wajid Hussain

Wajid Hussain

Community Manager at Arpatech
Wajid Hussain has a vast experience in Magento and PHP fields. He is currently a Community Manager at Arpatech. He keeps himself engaged with latest e-commerce and Magento trends and also happens to be an avid football fan. You can follow him on Twitter at @wajidstack or contact him through e-mail wajid.hussain[at]arpatech.com
Wajid Hussain
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