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Adobe brings Illustrator to iPad and Fresco to iPhone

Rakia Binte Khalid Oct 29, 2020

This year Adobe Max 2020 was showcased virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. An update in all the recognized products of Adobe including Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro has been announced. Not only this but a California-based company, San Jose, has also announced new adobe products including Illustrators and Fresco with upgraded UI & features. One major update which was a buzz last year, the launch of Adobe design app, will be launching this year around. Adobe will be launching design app illustrator for the iPad and drawing app Fresco for iPhone. This update didn’t come as a surprise as it was already available as a private beta as well as on pre-order. But still, it is good news for a lot of illustrator users.

The Adobe illustrator app on iPad has come with the support of Apple Pencil that will enable the illustrator users to get fine-tuned control on the designs. Moreover, the users of iPad will also get the most demanded features of Adobe desktop version, including grid, radial and mirror repeat. This newly launched illustrator app for iPads includes the feature of zoom in & out with simple pinch gesture; objects can be selected by tapping them and more.

The new update in the Illustrator will be supporting 18,000 fonts and also allows the users to upload their own designs and customize them. In other words, Adobe illustrator has ported the app to a touch-interface that will not only improve user experience, but will also give them space for creativity in their designs.


Adobe has also announced the new Recolour Artwork feature for the desktop users of illustrators. With this update, users will be able to change the color themes of their design in just a single click. Additionally, some optimizations have been announced by Adobe for the users who are willing to switch between their desktop and iPad in order to improve their cross-device experience.

Meanwhile, Adobe’s drawing app, Fresco, which was only available on the iPad and Windows, will also be available on iPhone after this recent update along with upgraded version 2.0. Adobe is trying making Fresco a go-to app for the artist so they can use it on-the-go when inspiration strikes them. Adobe has also announced that the Fresco app for iPhone will be having all the features of the iPad app with additional changes in the design in order to accommodate the app I n the small screen of the iPhone. Not only in iPhone, but Fresco has also announced updates on iPad and Widows version that will be bringing new features supporting text, brushes, smudge tool and pressure sensitivity controls.


The app is available for download with a monthly fee of $9.99. Good news for the Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan subscribers as this app is available free of cost for them. Adobe’s approach with recent updates is to maximize its reach and usage by enhancing as well as promoting creativity among mobile phone users.

Other than this, the virtual conference also covered the preview of content attribution tool prototype under the Content Authenticity Initiative that was launched at previous year’s Max conference.

Integration of Adobe Sensei is among the most significant updates that will bring a profound Artificial Intelligence experience across all the apps of Adobe. Furthermore, users will now be getting augmented focused reality updates in Adobe Aero and XD. The Sensei integration in Adobe Photoshop has brought a new feature of Sky Replacement that enable the users to separate the sky from the foreground and make relevant changes in the image.

Adobe Photoshop also has the neural filters that are based on machine learning algorithms for providing next-level image manipulation. The discover panel has also been upgraded to utilize AI for providing personalized recommendations based on the user’s work.  Not only this, but Adobe has also introduced an Object Aware Refine Edge and Refine Hair option that is based on AI and enable the users to improve their images.

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