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Is It the Right Time to Revamp Your Company’s Website?

Aiesha Hasan Jan 03, 2017

Let’s agree on one thing that we all want to look good.

We all want to present the best version of ourselves to the world.

And unlike everything, your personal website or company’s website needs an overhaul too from time to time. Your website needs a refreshing new look and a revamp to let the world know that you or your business are well-aware of the current web trends and want your website to resonate the same for a better online presence.

Today, the company/business doesn’t just need a website, it requires well-designed, easily navigable, engaging and responsive website which meets the needs and requirements of your customers and the business.

Who doesn’t love change! But to figure out the right time for revamping and get a new overlook is the actual question. Redesigning your company’s website doesn’t necessarily mean to change each and everything of your brand, but to give it new functional modifications that help the website to work best and to help you in achieving your market goals!

They are some key indicators to let you know that it’s time to get your website updated from a professional web design agency. The answers to the questions like, “When should I need to revamp my company’s website?” Or, “What would be the best way to revamp my website?” are given below:

Does it contain Out-dated Information & Is it an Old-fashioned Web Site?


Is your website functional, pixel-perfect, have implemented new trends and created by new technologies? If the answer is no then geared up, you are ignoring the important part!

Website designs are changing rapidly. Take an objective look on your website and compare it with the others. Today, it’s all about clean design and easy navigation.

Outdated information on your website can annoy the customers or clients. Keep updating and posting fresh and new contents to your website. Publish blogs to create awareness or share information, post services, add products on the site or add interesting links and make people coming back to your website.

Are You Using Old Web Technologies?


We are going through the biggest technological shift and it sometimes seems difficult to keep up with it.

Design standards and technologies are completely different today. Websites need to adjust according to the screen sizes of different devices. Your websites should be more engaging and interactive because users have become more sophisticated and aware now!

Non-Responsive or Non-Mobile Friendly?


According to a study, more than half of the searches are performed on mobile devices.

The world has gone mobile and if your website isn’t optimized, it’s the high-time for a responsive redesign! If the website is non-responsive, you risk losing lots of mobile web traffic and potential customers.

Always remember, the user experience can make or break your online business.

Can You Make the Updates Easily?


Trends and technology change with time. With a wide range of CMS (Content Management System), you should be able to update your own website, add products or content in it.

A CMS is the back-end of your website. And it should be simple enough to let you add pages, images, contents and links even if you are not tech-savvy. When you have your website on CMS, you’re in control!

Is the Website Fast?


Consumers expect the website to load within 2 seconds or even less. If your website is slow, you are not only annoying the customers but also hurting your search engine ranking. Fast loading website gives better user experience.

Slow websites are usually the result of slow web hosting or poorly coded site. Run your website couple of time before making it live to get a solid baseline.

Is Your Website Ranking Good On Search Engines?


If your organic search engines are ranking low, you might need to update your website.

Today, it’s all about having original and high-quality content on your website, which is why a site with blogs performs so well. Not ranking in search engines can be a disaster for your company.

Whatever the reason is, you need to update the website to make sure, it is ranking well.

Do you have Fancy Splash Screen?



The home page is extremely important for your company’s website. If your website has some flash splash screen, then chances are Google isn’t even looking past your page.

Flash has been outdated for the past 5 years! No search engines or even mobile devices can’t read it. Flash is not only difficult to create but also hard to use and maintain.

Replace your flash screen with a normal web page at first!

Are the Third Party Tools Updated?


If you have embedded third party tools on your website, you might need to improve their functionality too.

Check few things to determine about your third party tools. Are they working properly? Are they slowing the site speed? Are there newer versions available?

Third party tools like shopping carts etc. drive customers away if they are outdated in terms of functions or designs or just doesn’t work properly.

Is your Site Secure?


If your website is outdated, you’re at risk. Although there’s no practical way to make your website completely hack-proof. A security guarantee acts like as an insurance policy. If your website ever gets hacked or infected, the hosting company or developer will have your back.

Make sure you are protected because the reputation of your business crucially depends upon it.

So, Are You Ready To Revamp Your Website?

Redesigning your company’s website can be the wisest decision as your website is the face of your company. Identify any of these above-mentioned scenarios to save yourself from the panic mode. Your website is the vehicle to help you achieve your target and goals with more lead and ultimately more satisfied customers.

Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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