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Top 12 Main Advantages of ASP.NET Framework

Aiesha Hasan Mar 24, 2017

With the tough competition going on and the tendency to produce something innovative for the customers, the  web development companies are now focusing on using cutting-edge technologies to develop custom applications. To develop any application, the first thing you need to understand is the nature of your business in order to deploy the application which is suitable for your business. And the second most thing is the selection of the best technology platform for the development process.

With the continuous change and demand in the technology market, Microsoft created Asp.Net Framework to create feature rich websites and web applications. Active server pages or Asp, is the perfect platform for creating high-end applications. Dot Net is the best server side scripting technology where Windows web server is used to host Asp.Net websites and web applications.

Introducing Asp by Microsoft corporation is one of the biggest achievement as to meet the market demand of dynamic web pages which can be viewed on different web browsers. With dot net you can create reliable and reusable applications. The Asp.Net framework is a highly popular one and relatively easy for the .Net developers to create compelling Asp.net applications by using Visual Studio. Well the good part is, it is not only limited to Asp but also give the advantage to the developers to make use of other programming languages like C#, VB etc.

Let’s take a look at some key advantages of using Asp.Net Framework

1: Keep you Asp.net applications secured with the built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration.

2: Asp.Net has reduced the long lines of code required to develop large applications.

3: Asp.Net and Html, together generate dynamic web pages smoothly.

4: Being an ideal server-side scripting technology, Asp.Net code first runs on Windows server before displaying on the web browser.

5: Asp.Net framework is language independent, means you can choose any programming language which best suited to you application.

6: With the built-in configuration information, Asp.Net is easy to deploy.

7: The windows web server thoroughly monitors the web pages, multiple components, and applications running over it.

8: The Dot Net Framework quickly gives an alert for memory leaks, unbounded loops, and other wrong behaviors, immediately killing them and restart them over again.

9: Asp.Net features like early binding, JIT compilation, caching services and native optimization supports gives your application the high level of performance.

10: All the Asp.Net applications are highly monitored and managed to help application available to handle requests.

11: The best part of Dot Net Framework is it has its own built-in caching features.

12: The content and the program logic are separated in the .Net Framework, thus reducing the program inconveniences.

Microsoft Asp.Net Framework is a widely used development framework for building enterprise level web applications, that today’s developers love to use. The Dot Net technology offers immeasurable benefits for various issues like memory management, security, and exceptional handling, a developer may face. The above-mentioned advantages made Asp.Net Framework an ideal choice for developing .Net Application Development. So what are you still waiting for? Let’s get started with this next-generation platform! And if we missed out any of the other advantages of .net, then do let us know in the comment below.

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Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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