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7 Mobile Ecommerce Sites With Excellent Navigation

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 21, 2017
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Today, mobiles incorporate in our lives immensely and we use them for quite many reasons. Every professional, commercial and non-commercial websites are developed as mobile-friendly. People can easily visit such websites through their mobile phones and perform their tasks easily. So, you can design your mobile-friendly website from any professional web design company out there in your location.

Concept of Mobile Friendly Website

Initially, the concept introduced for mobile friendly website was after the announcement of new algorithm of Google. It says, the non mobile friendly websites will negatively affect in ranking on Google and the website search on mobile devices will get more effect. Thus, the mobile ecommerce website developers got quick progress and started developing their websites with mobile interface. The entire global businesses switched their business websites on to the mobile versions gradually.

Ideal e-Commerce Websites

You will find some seven mobile friendly ecommerce websites. So, all such websites got tested on different smartphones, mobile phones and tablets etc. The websites got designed to provide excellent navigation system, running on the mobile device friendliness.


Amazon presents as one of the world’s famous e-commerce companies. It provides its website with ideal navigation and mobile friendliness, but it may not provide the attractive visual design. Still, it demonstrates that even huge retailers can make up for deficiency of design scheme with its usability. You will find the search bar which is the option to search by department. Precisely, it gets narrow down the search for more categories and also supports for simple browsing that can improve engagement. Thus, it will serve in retaining people on the site for longer duration.

  1. NIKE

Nike provides a popular shoe retailer brand that has fabulous product images on the site. As, it combines with a short copy to entice in users. The simple web design attracts the focus on the shoe products. It inspires commitment by customers to click and scroll through bigger product images. Therefore, you will find three central icons at the top along with a search bar. Moreover, it serves shopping cart, and key drop-down menu for category items.


Express becomes an ideal fashion clothing store for young men and women. It knows that most the visitors come to their site as it is mobile friendly. So, the website provides large, enriching images of cloth items along with short descriptions and price tags below. Also, it serves as a perfect mobile-friendly for the users who can slide their finger from left to right on any clothing image. The actual image changes to give you different views of the clothes.

  1. ETSY

Etsy presents an ideal e-commerce store where homemade or vintage items are available for sale and purchase. It means, a mobile friendly site organizes attractively altogether smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you will observe a prominent search bar and a button to access their App. They have executed a widespread grid layout with product images to make sure the clean and simple to use.

  1. LUSH

LUSH permits you to buy handmade cosmetics products from their store. It presents the content in an attractive way with clean grid layout with big product images. Therefore, you have noticed a buy button under each product. You can add your required product to your shopping cart with a click. You can enjoy the most distinguished features of this site as it presents an ideal search bar. Consequently, it means quite supportive of smaller size mobile devices missing the real keyboards.


My Deal Australia provides you one of the international online retailers’ website from Australia. It sells almost everything from electronics to house-ware products. Almost, you got all high quality product images are set with large font size. Thus, it enables you to view them easily on all devices. The checkout system serves quite easy and simple on all devices. Moreover, you can view the shipping charges throughout the whole checkout process.


Threadless makes you shop online graphic tee store. It serves people to design their t-shirts. The entire t-shirt designs are serving crowd-sourced people through voting. Therefore, you will find three important buttons at the top of the website which includes shopping, participate and create. So, it makes a clear view for Threadless to instantly serve the users do select from the option and the t-shirt category shows in a grid design layout. Once the users click on any one, you can scroll through different designs without moving to a new page.

Gaining Effective Traffic

Moreover, this concept gained effective traffic on their websites as most mobile users visited the websites from their mobile devices. As, you will notice the difference when any user visit any mobile friendly website. Because, it is formatting accurately and easy to navigate its entire web pages effectively and to gain popularity in Google search and ranking.

Mirza Azhar Baig

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