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7 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Our Lives

Muzammil Hussain Feb 14, 2019

We live in world driven by technology. In fact, technology has improved nearly every part of our business and personal lives.  And while technological advancements have reached dizzying heights today, the prospect of what tomorrow has in store might sound even more boggling even for the most ingenious minds. Whether it’s self-driving cars, space tourism, artificial intelligence or virtual reality, our future is—without a jot doubt—promising.

Virtual reality will remarkably change the landscape of virtually every industry—military, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, education, fashion, and business just to name a few. In fact, nothing in life and society will be unaffected by virtual reality. In the first two months of 2016 alone, investment in virtual reality and artificial intelligence crossed a whopping $1.1 billion mark.

Here are just a few ways VR will change our collective futures for the good.



While the most obvious use of virtual reality is gaming, it’s not the only industry that benefits from the technology. That said, entertaining people through gaming can undoubtedly be termed as one of VR’s unique selling points. With virtual reality you will be able to take your gaming experience to an altogether different level.

Watching Films


Watching films, a highly entertaining activity in itself, will become more enjoyable with virtual reality. VR will give you the IMAX experience at home, providing you with a gigantic screen in front of you, while there’s none. And your joy will double when you watch a movie with a VR headset, with the image taking the space of your complete view, giving you the ultimate viewing experience.

‘Visiting’ Places


Doesn’t looking around the world on Google Maps sound compulsive? Now spare a thought for the overwhelming feeling you’ll get when you would be able to do the same through your own eyes—kind of!

Virtual reality would let those take a tour of historical monuments who are not able to get there in reality, giving real estate agents a chance to give potential buyers a look around a property without them having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Shops 


While online shopping is a boon for many, one of its drawbacks is missing the joy of navigating the aisles and pick up your favorite products. Virtual reality is the solution. All you have to do is put your VR goggles on and you will instantly be transported to a virtual shop, which is actually customized for you.

Health Care Industry 


The health industry is constantly introducing new and cutting-edge technologies to improve patients’ lives. And virtual reality will further help surgeons and medical experts with a highly interactive, accurately modelled samples through a VR interface.

Teaching People To Fly


Flight simulators already help pilots learn to fly, but with virtual technology they could really do something much more remarkable and realistic to further hone their skills.

Eve: Valkyrie—a game that lets you take the role of a spaceship pilot—immediately comes to mind. The level of excitement the game, which seemed real to the core, brought reflects the scope of virtual reality even in the field of aviation.

Improving Quality Of Life


Disability or poverty can take away everything from an individual, depriving them of a quality life in which they can explore, experience the wonders of the world, and live happily. But like the able-bodied or the privileged, they too deserve to live well.

VR offers a solution to the woes of such people, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest. And what can be better than this!

Muzammil Hussain

Muzammil Hussain

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