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How Artificial Intelligence can Learn Human Behavior

Rakia Binte Khalid Aug 17, 2019
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Human loves their unpredictable nature and love working on things which we want to work without anyone’s interference and imposed behaviors. It is a complicated behavior but after the fourth industrial revolution and with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence human become more predictable.

How AI has impacted on human’s life and how it is able to learn human behaviors? Let first understand what AI is.

The best and the most common example when talking about AI is self-driving cars. Artificial means simply creating something by a human, the real thing to know is that what do you mean by intelligence? It is the ability to acquire knowledge and the problem-solving skills required to solve different problems.

Basically, AI is the simulation of human intelligence which is processed by machines. These processes include the learning what information we have and what rules are needed to solve the problem, reasoning which gives definite approximated results and then correction after getting the results.

After understanding AI let’s get to know a little about its types to make our understandings better.

Types of AI

An assistant professor of Michigan State University Arend Hintze proposed and categorized AI into 4 types.

Type 1: Reactive machines

A chess program made by IBM called Deep Blue is an example of Reactive machines. The program analyses and identify the pieces on the board and from the locations it makes predictions. A sad part is there is no memory to use past experiences which are necessary for future predictions. It analyses what moves can be possible by both sides of the teams and then chooses to take a step with making a strategy.

Type 2: Limited Memory

In this type, AI systems work on past experiences to make future predictions. A self-driving car is an example lies here. Through observations, the near future actions are performed. These actions will be removed from memory after some time.

Type 3: Theory of mind

Theory of mind refers to the human ability to aspire, his faith and his intentions which are giving him results with the decisions he makes. There is no working done on this type of AI.

Type 4: Self-awareness

In this type, AI has its own senses to observe and work accordingly. Systems are self-aware that what others are feeling and how to use this information. There is no working done on this type of AI.

How AI Actually Helps in Learning Human Behaviour

In past eras, human behavior was unpredictable because there was no such thing to analyze and track how human take a decision and what process they make to take decisions. Today, the advanced systems and the ability of deep learning which stores a huge amount of data we are now able to parse the data to learn the patterns which can be operated by people.

A seller ask himself a question: How I can sell my products more? What you think the answer would be? Yes, you are right if you are thinking it’s the data. However, the main point is how you use the data to make it beneficial for you!

The most selling product in market is food. We are always thinking about what our next meal should be. There we make a decision by going out or eating at home, or by choosing a meal type. It is difficult in predicting what next meal we are going to eat. If I am having a list of meals that tells what I’ve eaten for the last four to six months maybe, I am able to predict my next meal by those patterns of meals. But the result may not be accurate because my previous meals are not the only thing that helps me in predicting my future meal. There are a lot of different factors on which my next meal is dependent like what kind of breakfast I had, if I need a heavy lunch or a lighter one or what exactly I am craving for and there will be a lot more reasons which can make my predictions inaccurate.

The collection would take years of working to find a pattern which can predict with accuracy.

In the above scenario, I am just talking about my data but what a seller really needs? He needs data of millions of people in order to understand what they should offer. AI is making it easy by collecting data and human behaviors on a vast scale so that executives can understand what strategy they should achieve to gather the attention of people.

This complicated behavior of human is having logics but sometimes, it acts as illogically. It comes when we are in emotions which are not understandable at all. We are not able to get why and for what reason we are having such emotions and why we are performing some particular action. We can say that our culture, our thinking mechanism and what we perceive from our surroundings is a big reason behind this behavior. So, it means psychology is having a vital role in human nature. Of course, it has! Just think about how much data we have to store to understand all such behaviors and what would human do if it is his job to store all that data. The result will only be errors and wrong patterns. Here again, the master, the AI is giving results with accuracy. There are tools created which can sense the stress and anxiety people have which helps in controlling and understanding one’s behavior. Moreover, other AI tools are helping human in physical conditions and daily routines to maintain a happy and healthy life.

It may grab your attention that AI can end up being powerful when utilized as a showcasing tool. In 2019, we are managing genuine restrictions where it turns out to be quite difficult to distinguish how far communication can follow human behavior. Here predictive modeling is giving us insights and rapid results in behavioral changes. A model of AI learns and know how to interrupt and what actions to perform that are best suited to a particular person.