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Basic SEO Tips to Rank Your Content on Top

Arpatech Mar 25, 2020

If you’re relatively new to the search marketing world, you might have heard in marketing meetings the word “SEO content” being tossed around.

Thousands of people search for content like yours every day. You can help them find you by becoming an SEO content expert. 80% of traffic on a website begins with a search query, according to HubSpot. This is why optimization of the search engine (SEO) for your content has become so essential.
Because when you write content for the right people in the correct way, your content will climb higher on search engines.

So, what is Content SEO?

Content SEO refers to producing content that makes search engines rank the web pages higher. Content SEO is essential as your website is viewed by search engines such as Google, and the words you use on your blog decide whether or not your content can appear on their results pages.

Therefore, let us guide you with content SEO basics. Let’s get started!

1. Do Keyword Research First

Find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for (and also what you can be good at), and make a chart for yourself. Keep record of how many times you use the keywords in your content, and use the appropriate tools to determine where you rank with your target keywords. Without any second thoughts, our favorite is SEMrush.

2. Properly Place Keywords

Although it is always a smart idea to use your target keyword in the blog, peppering the copy with forced keywords won’t help push the dial much. Use your keyword in the title, in the first 300 words, and then in the first H1 or H2.
Also, having the keyword in your copy will never be difficult. Ideally, the keyword in your writing should feel natural.

3. Emphasize on Readability

SEO content shooting to the top of SERPs has a few things to do with it, including this major feature: it’s amazingly readable.
Once your audience clicks on your link, they want to linger and read every single element on the page.
And that makes the website look amazing for Google as the audience stay and read it.
Readability leads to longer stay times with a variety of attributes added in:
• Clarity
• Organization
• Logic
• Simplicity
Your content has to express all types of information in a comprehensible manner to be readable. And, as more people understand your content, more people will stay longer which will boost your rankings in Google.

4. Consider Your Audience

Google is not a marketing agency. You have to focus on what the target customers want. When you realize what they want, then you will create content that pulls them in.
Listening to your target customer’s input, it informs the content you create to draw more of them. If you’re writing, you can always strive to give your readers some sort of interest.

5. Invest in Visuals

According to research, blogs featuring relevant images gain 94 per cent more views than articles without images. That’s because, simply, we’re designed to note and respond to images more than content.
Nevertheless, the impact of integrating well-designed, high-quality images into the content, is much greater than putting in a few irrelevant, overused stock images. The content with the right images will look more organized, professional and trustworthy, and it’s a great idea to invest in them for better SEO.

6. Don’t Miss Out Linking

As a writer, you are not expected to be able to migrate a site or enable HTTPS across a whole domain. Yet understanding a basic SEO linking will make you a better SEO writer.
So first of all, it will help you build a strategy by understanding how Google crawls pages and hands out the link authority. After all, content writing is not just about writing a single blog post — it’s about writing a lot of them (and linking them up).
Also, if you have a fair idea of how your content is structured, you will help make it a little more effective— which ensures that a backlink to one of your posts will give the maximum benefit to your site.

Let your content be on top

Today, content or blog is undoubtedly the most effective digital marketing tool. Content SEO is the most competitive and by far the most successful way to drive sustainable traffic to your website. These steps can help you create credible and competitive SEO content over time and you will be able to rank higher on google or any other search engines.

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