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The Importance Of Storytelling On Your Company’s Website

Aiesha Hasan Jan 25, 2017

Storytelling on a company’s website.  Sounds interesting, right?

Well, just close your eyes and think about the top brands in the world. They all have a story. An interesting premise which their users, consumers, and evangelists can relate to since the inception of the brand till today.

Well, humans are emotional creatures and stories are impossible to be resisted by anyone…if you hear a good one!

Similarly,  storytelling on the website is also important because it is effective in showcasing your brand or the company’s image to make people remember it; and also it gives the visitor on the website some visual cues to remember about you. Ideally, storytelling should be at the heart of your overall web development phase.

Stories Evoke Emotions


Considering this, the story told on your website should be interesting enough to evoke a positive emotion about the products or services offered in your visitor’s mind.

Now, for a fact, we encounter different stories in our everyday life. A group of protestors march by or some people doing a rally for their rights. See, every single person, animal or an object has its own story to tell. The stories are not that complicated as they seem.

The key part of a successful website is to build a communication bridge between the company and its potential prospects which can be done through the storytelling. The story should be the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your organization.

  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing it?

In the terms of Digital Marketing, “If the content is the King then the Queen rules the visuals.”

Like in the game of chess, the king can move one space at a time whereas the queen can make some real power moves. This tells that losing the king means losing the game but without your leading lady, there are no powerful moves to make and you will be handicapped.

The client always expects of something bigger than just a “website” or a “brand”. They expect an appealing story from you.

We are sharing down here some important story-telling tips which will help in representing you and your organization in the best way:

Words or Images?


Having the information written verbally on your website is simply not enough, so, display it in a manner that people can enjoy and understand it.

When a story generates, it doesn’t only move people emotionally but they retell it many times over, ultimately, clarifies the message conveyed in it.

Visuals are highly important for a website. One can use pictures to tell stories all the time.

Images and videos hold more power over the audience than words. Well-told visual stories can really move, mold, or melt the reader’s, heart. Compelling visual stories will develop strong engagement by evoking emotions, instilling connections with the viewer.

Typography is a much more expressive medium because just like images, words also tells a different story depending on the way they are written.

Animate the Content!

The stories and the art of storytelling plays a major role in content marketing today

Sharing the mission and vision of your company in the manner of storytelling will more likely to be remembered. Create appealing content to help in achieving the business goals. Your audience will prefer to purchase a product/service you are offering if you associate a story with the content of your website.

Make Sure To Focus On The Authenticity Of Your Story


Ensure the clarity and the consistency in your content throughout the website by using a central story.

Use props, visuals, and videos to ignite the feeling towards your cause or business in the reader’s heart. Write blogs on tips, benefits, and history of your business while telling examples that people can relate to.

Communicate With Visuals

Visual Learners

Storytelling on a website isn’t really a marketing tactic, instead, it is their history which they share with the world.

Don’t let your users know verbally as why your brand or company’s product is necessary, applicable and effective, in fact, use the chance of visual storytelling to let them know.

Display and video are the two primary purpose for the fastest growing digital marketing. So, the way your brand is seen, will be the most critical to the decision process and buying cycle.

Storytelling can be beneficial to any profit or non-profit organization.

Test different content types, analyze their results and evolve with the rapid change in the interests of your customers.

Show. Don’t Tell!

The Conclusion

Remember, people don’t necessarily first look for the skills, they look for your ideas, your vision, and your dream as to how far they can take themselves with your company, organization or brand. So, create a story about your brand on your website that compels your potential prospects into believing that you can take them to the height of success and assist them in accomplishing their personal goals through you.

Bonus tip: The more specific, clear and concise the stories are transmitted, the more likeable and memorable your business will be.

Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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