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Popular Voice Search Assistants And Their Role In Ecommerce

Moiz Khan Jul 20, 2018
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Indeed, the consumer of today has found a new voice with virtual assistants. Voice technology empowers the modern consumer like never before. However, this shift in consumer trends places the ecommerce organizations at a difficult position because they have a challenge to listen to the consumer and do it fast. Besides, the voice-activated assistants coupled with predictive analytics can accumulate more data regarding the purchase patterns of users. This would eventually enable the retailer to predict buyer’s journey and purchase pattern.

Currently voice assistants are in their evolution but as they get more precise, both retailers and consumers will actualize the benefits of voice search and voice recognition. Here’s how some of the popular virtual assistants are enabling the consumer.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can be an incredible shopping partner working on voice commands. It handles the checkout process like any human by asking the user to select delivery address from Google account and complete the purchase from the handset. After that, the user selects a payment method and places order with a voice command which is authenticated with finger prints. In this whole process, Google assistant feels like a chatbot that keeps asking for next step.

Amazon Alexa

When tech gadgets got advanced, we held it, then wore but now we can talk to it. In return, voice activated Alexa would not just respond but also solve our queries for us. Amazon Echo powered by alexa appeals to the younger consumers who are more affluent with the tech. now if you are a retailer or brand offering products or services, then you need to align it with alexa. Various organizations are already catching up to a voice tech channel strategy. If you are an ecommerce, you need to get friendly with Alexa. Using voice command to ask Alexa to place an order to be shipped from Amazon is now a possibility.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that acts as an online shopping aid to give you price comparisons. However, low pricing might not be the only determining factor for purchase decision. Sometimes, the consumer has to choose a provider that offers better return policy. Besides offering you the best price, Cortana also allows the user to initiate a checkout on account of addressed and payment details saved in advance.

Samsung Bixby

Bixby is a smart voice assistant that is released with Galaxy S8 and S8+. It allows the users to make calls, set tasks and get any action performed with voice command. This baby can also help you shop using image search. In future, they aim to take it to voice search as well.