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Workable Tips to Promote E-Store with Influencer Marketing

Rakia Binte Khalid Jun 22, 2018
influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a figurative booster that is often used to introduce or promote newly developed online stores. It provides a launchpad for new businesses that aim to grow stronger within their niche. In other words, it is a rehashed form of word-of-the-mouth strategy where a trusted social media celebrity reviews the brand/business. It won’t be wrong to say that influencer marketing for e-store is somewhere in between word-0f-mouth marketing and celebrity endorsements. With the help of these social media influencers, e-stores can get quicker reach and faster recognition.

So, what is Influencer Marketing?

When an influencer lends some of their recognition to your brand or business, it is called influencer marketing. In return the influencers get fresh content to share with their audience and the monetary perks come along as well.  It is the most effective marketing trend of this era and one simply cannot deny the importance of it.

How to assess the right influencer for your brand?

Influencer marketing is not all about the number of followers an influencer has but who make up those numbers is far more relevant. A typical online store owner would  be interested to learn the engagement or the amount of buzz that they create.
Moreover, the influencer’s persona must align with your brand’s objective and your target audience. Understand that a beauty blogger with millions of followers will not at all be effective for an athletic brand. So, choose your influencer while keeping these factors in mind.

Below are four tested tips on how you can make the most of the influencers to promote your e-store.

Ask Influencers to Leave Reviews

When a customer wants to buy a product, they search for the reviews of the other users. Through reviews, they analyze whether a product is worth spending money on. Even if you want to make a purchase, you will first want to hear/read reviews in order to make sure about buying a certain product. So, asking influencers to publish their reviews is an excellent way to build credibility for your brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Soccer star, is one of the most famous faces of Instagram with following over 120 million. He often promotes brands and products with his experience on social media platforms. Because of his popularity, these reviews get a lot of attention, resulting in high conversion rates. Nike, Tag Heuer, Abbott Labs, and Herbalifeearned millions in media value from his social accounts.

Request Influencers for Audience Engaging Content

Today, a lot of influencers are adopting new ways of endorsing brands. Some of them are creating the audience engaging content like interesting videos or images. One amazing example is Zach King who is a famous YouTube Star. He is famous for his uniquely edited videos. Due to a large number of followers and highly engaging video content, he was sponsored to create content for some top-notch brands like Disney, Coca-Cola, etc.

So, you can coordinate with any such influencer who have out of the box ideas for marketing your brand. You can also post influencer-generated content on the product pages which will help in keeping consumers on your landing page as well as build social proof.

Hair-styling products brand NuMepartnered with influencer Sarah Nourse for a very engaging giveaway contest. Sarah, having millions of followers on Instagram, regularly posts pictures with different hairstyles. Apart from them, Lo & Sons gifted free products to influencers having 100,000 followers or more and asked them to create sponsored content for their campaign.

Encourage Influencers to Write Testimonials

Testimonials from the influencers are assured to bring consumer’s trust on your brand. The reason being the trust of people on the influencer’s word of mouth. People more likely to believe their words on your product rather than what the brand has to say. They create a positive impact on the mind of the consumers. Di Bruno Bros, who have specialized in gourmet gift baskets and travel the world to find the most delicious cheeses, meats and specialty foods out there. They caught the attention of industry giants like Travel + Leisure and Serious Eats and others. Di Bruno Bros combine quotes with influencer badges on their media page.

Provide Discount Vouchers via Influencers

Another influential tip is to offer discount codes through influencers. You can ask influencers to announce a giveaway or discount code which they can share with their followers through different posting methods (i.e. status updates, Instastory, Snap Chat Story blog post, etc.) This technique is mostly used by retailers and fashion brands. It is a simple strategy but a surefire. Also, with these giveaways or discount codes, influencers will feel encouraged that they are rewarding something to their loyal followers.

OshKoshB’Gosh invested in a discount code and got a lot of return on their investment with influencers. The kids’ clothing brand targeted parents who wanted to buy new clothes for their kids for the spring break. They worked with 75 bloggers, who created content that provided tips on planning and packing for spring break. All the influencers in the campaign promoted a spring-related discount code for 25% off.


Any smart influencer can bring conversion to your brand if the power of the influencer is utilized accordingly to a brand’s persona. One needs to look for the influencer whose style complements with your brand’s persona, who becomes the voice for your brand and helps create a market for your E-store.