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Top Killer SEO Tips to Best Optimize Your Magento Store

Bilal Anwar Mar 29, 2017

As you know, the virtual marketplace is growing so fast, and most of the physical stores are also running their e-businesses and many new business owners are focusing on their online marketplace. Through this, they are increasing their sales and revenue each and every day. As more or more people are attracted towards shopping online and seeing this new mode of shopping portals, more and more online businesses are starting up their online presence accordingly.

If you are the one who is running or thinking to starting up an online store, so your first top priority should be on increasing the customers on your online store as much as possible. Search Engine Optimization is the one of the keys to get the tracking of the visitors’ data through webmaster that tells the exact figure of the presence online customers on your website. You can find the precise data of your needs that how many audiences visited your website from which location available through webmaster. But I’m going to share here some killer tips to best optimize your Magento store that I’ve discovered over the years.

Web Configuration:

Make a start with optimizing your Magento website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Option in the website configuration:

  • Step 1: Go to System
  • Step 2: Configuration
  • Step 3: Admin Panel of the website

Now, Under the URL option; change the setting “Add Store Code to URLs” to “no”. This will help you to prevent unnecessary keywords from the URL. In the same section, under SEO Option set “Server URL Rewrite” to “yes”. It will remove “index.php” from all URL for the same purpose.


Don’t forget to add Meta title and Meta Description under the Search Engine Optimization option. Do add keywords in Meta title and make sure Meta title should not more than 66 characters also do add Meta description and it should not be more than 156 characters. Meta description helps you to increase your CTR.


Your website content should be really unique and avoid using the duplicate content. Suppose, if you are adding two different types of t-shirts so keep in mind, do not add same content because both the products should have their own unique content with their specification or features.


Images are the most important element of any e-commerce site. For image optimization, you must have to focus on these points. Always try to use meaningful image names that describes the image the best. Also remember to use Alt Tag and Title for images. These points help to create visibility of your images on Search Engine.


Make sure that robots.txt file allows the robots to crawl the website which is the simplest and easiest point. If search engine cannot crawl your website then all of the above works will not going to work for you.


To make Google index your website, create an automated Google sitemap following below steps:

  • System => Configuration => Google Sitemap
  • In the “Generation Settings” box, enable sitemap generation
  • Change your sitemap settings when adding a new category or a product, or a page, so that your sitemap comprises of all your new items.

Google WebMaster:

Google WebMaster is a free SEO tool introduced by Google to help your website rank in the Google. One can easily add “Google WebMaster Tool Verification Tag” in Magento by following these steps:

  • System => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads
  • Put your “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in the “Miscellaneous Scripts”.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics will help you keep a track of your website and its performance. To enable Google Analytics on your Magento website requires just following two steps:

  • Enable “” by going to this path: System => Configuration => Google API
  • Set “Enable option” to “Yes” and type your Account Number in the box.

Magento SEO Plugins:

Plugins are also available to make a Magento developer’s life easy and to give you the best results. Here are some Magento SEO plugins to optimize your Magento SEO:

  1. Magento SEOSpace Extension
  2. Yoast_MetaRobots
  3. Canonical URL for Magento:
  4. SEO Suite Pro
  5. MSemantic Basic
  6. SEO Suite Enterprise
  7. SEO Layered Navigation
  8. Ultimate SEO Suite
  9. SEOgento


Cover these aspects of Magento SEO and execute them in your Magento website and get your desired traffic results.

Did we miss out any other SEO trick for Magento? Do let us know in the comment below!

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